The scientific and academic laboratory “Thermogasdynamics” was created according to the decision of the Rector of MSU, academician of the Russian Academy of Science Sadovnichyi V.A. and the Rector of MSTU, member-correspondent of the Russian Academy of Science Fedorov I.B. to extend scientific research and to use the unique equipment of hypersonic laboratory of the Institute of Mechanics, MSU. The scientific leader of the new laboratory is Alexandr Ivanovich Leontiev, academician of the Russian Academy of Science. Its main research is the investigation on heat exchange intensification (the ration of friction and heat transfer) on complex surfaces (with dimples made as spherical segments, trenches, grooves, etc) for their further application in modern power units (heat exchangers, parts of fire tubes, high speed flying apparatuses, etc); heat protecting techniques of the surfaces across which high temperature flow goes over by means of gas curtains; experiments on full pressure recovery during fluid injection into a supersonic gas flow; research on gas dynamic temperature separation of supersonic flow (Leontiev’s tube).